PAT Testing

Check your installations

Do a PAT test!

The PAT test is an important verification tool. The whole process is known as "in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment." 


This routine check of all electrical appliances ensures that all your electrical installations meet the strictest safety requirements.


The PAT test complies with all legal requirements and may even qualify you for a discount on your insurance premiums, as it proves how seriously you take safety issues.


In the event of any damages claims, your PAT certificate proves that your electrical installations have been tested and certified.  


PAT testing includes:

  • visual inspections
  • earth-bond tests
  • insulation-resistance tests
  • flash testing
  • earth-leakage test
  • functional checks


Non-compliance with PAT standards can lead to severe punishments for corporations and landlords, ranging from fines to imprisonment. We therefore recommend that all relevant portable appliances are tested regularly.We look forward to discussing PAT testing with you in more detail!

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